Grow as a Flutter Developer: Learning from Every Step

Syed Abdul Basit
2 min readJan 8, 2024

The Simple Truth to Becoming a Better Coder


As a Flutter developer with a rich experience in the field, I’ve had the opportunity to interview many candidates. What always strikes me is the varied understanding of basic programming concepts among developers, regardless of their experience level.

The Importance of Basics

Take object-oriented programming (OOP), for example. It’s surprising to see some developers with three years of experience struggling with these foundational questions, while others with just a year of experience handle them with ease. This shows that the key to becoming a good programmer isn’t just about the years you spend coding but how well you grasp the basics.

Diving Deep into Flutter

When it comes to Flutter, I’ve noticed a similar trend. Many candidates list various programming languages and state management tools in their resumes. But when quizzed, their understanding seems shallow. This is especially true for large projects that need robust solutions like ‘Provider’, ‘Bloc’, or ‘Redux’, rather than just ‘setState’. Some developers might have experience with only one type of state management but often lack a deep understanding of it. This leads to mistakes in big projects and ultimately, client dissatisfaction.

The Edison Philosophy

I want to encourage developers with a thought inspired by Thomas Edison’s journey in inventing the light bulb. He didn’t “fail” 10,000 times; instead, he discovered 10,000 ways that didn’t work. Think of your programming career in a similar way. Don’t be scared to try and fail. It’s through these failures that success eventually comes.

Focused Learning

When you’re learning something new, give it your full attention. Dive deep into the language or tool you’re using. Read all the documentation. Understand it from the ground up. This focused approach will not only make you a better Flutter developer but also prepare you for the challenges ahead.

“Welcome each challenge in learning Flutter as a chance to grow. Keep trying, just like Edison did, to find success. Learn the basics well and understand how to manage your projects. Every step, whether you win or lose, helps you get better. Keep going and learn more to be a great Flutter developer.”