Understanding and Implementing Comparable in Dart

Syed Abdul Basit
2 min readNov 13, 2023

Object Comparison and Sorting with Dart’s Comparable Interface


In Dart programming, the Comparable interface is a fundamental concept for organizing and comparing objects. This feature is particularly crucial when objects require sorting or ordering based on specific criteria.

What is Comparable?

The Comparable interface in Dart provides a mechanism for defining a natural ordering of objects. It's crucial in scenarios where objects need to be compared, sorted, or ordered based on specific criteria.

Why Use Comparable?

Comparable is indispensable when:

  • Sorting Collections: Organizing objects in a specific order.
  • Custom Comparisons: Implementing unique comparison logic beyond basic numerical or alphabetical order.
  • Data Structures: Employing data structures that necessitate ordered elements.

When to Use Comparable?

Utilize Comparable whenever you need to establish a custom sorting or ordering logic for your objects, especially for complex data types where default sorting isn’t applicable.

Implementing Comparable: A Practical Example

class Product implements Comparable<Product> {
final String name;
final double price;

Product(this.name, this.price);

int compareTo(Product other) {
return price.compareTo(other.price);

In this example, Product objects are compared based on their price. This simple implementation demonstrates how Comparable can be used to order products in ascending order of their prices.

Sorting Products

When we sort a list of Product objects, they will be arranged based on their price:

void main() {
var products = [
Product('Laptop', 999.99),
Product('Smartphone', 499.99),
Product('Tablet', 299.99)

for (var product in products) {
print('${product.name}: \$${product.price}');

The expected output will be:

Tablet: $299.99
Smartphone: $499.99
Laptop: $999.99

Role of Sort Method

When sort is called on a list of objects that implement Comparable, it uses the compareTo method defined in the Comparable interface to determine the order of the elements.


The Comparable interface in Dart is essential for custom sorting logic, allowing objects to be ordered based on specific criteria. Its use improves data handling in collections and structures where order is crucial. Mastering Comparable is key for any Dart developer, unlocking advanced data organization and manipulation capabilities.